Drivers Encouraged to Exercise Caution When Traveling on Route 332

What should you be aware of as you head out on Almshouse Road from Doylestown to Northampton Township? Police in the area look to reduce accidents and increase safety in the most traffic-prone intersection in town.

In our recent article on a new police traffic safety initiative, the Bucks County personal injury lawyers offer tips to avoid distraction while driving in a congested area. Familiarity with a busy area sometimes makes for a less alert driver. Sometimes the perception is, “I’m not driving on the highway at 55 mph, so I don’t need to be as cautious.” It is all too easy for local drivers to become complacent as they wait through multiple traffic light changes while trying to move only a short distance from one shopping center to another.

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Police are looking to increase traffic safety, but the PA personal injury lawyers at Cordisco & Saile LLC know that sometimes accidents happen anyway. Get our FREE PA Car Accident Guide here to find out more.