Elderly Woman Drives Wrong Way on I-95 in Pennsylvania

On Thursday, October 28, 2010, an elderly woman was seen driving the wrong way down I-95 in Pennsylvania, causing numerous Pennsylvania car crashes.

While traveling northbound on I-95, a man shot a video of a woman driving a blue older model Buick station wagon the wrong direction on I-95 south. He tried to motion to her to stop, but she simply waved him off.

Other vehicles on the roadway were seen swerving to avoid her, causing multiple other crashes on the interstate. She was also seen sideswiping the center barrier.

After traveling some distance, the woman eventually exited I-95.

Pennsylvania State Police finally located the 84-year-old Wilmington, Delaware woman at her home.

It is unclear whether she knew she was traveling the wrong direction on the freeway. The incident is still under investigation.

Luckily, no serious injuries were sustained in the Pennsylvania auto accidents.

The Philadelphia accident attorneys at Cordisco & Saile are relieved that no one was seriously injured in this bizarre incident.