Factors in a Truck Accident

It is no secret that trucks and tractor trailers are difficult to drive and maneuver on Bucks County highways; PA truck drivers must have a specific license, continuing education and extra insurance for that reason. But many Bucks County drivers dismiss trucks on the roads as more of an annoyance, especially on highways like Interstate 95 and the Pennsylvania Turnpike. Michael L. Saile, Jr., a Bucks County personal injury lawyer with experience in truck accidents, explains why you should not underestimate truck drivers and their vehicles on PA roads.

Trucks are difficult to maneuver

Because of their size and weight, tractor trailers require extra care and precaution. They can neither be stopped short, nor can they make hairpin turns. Bucks County truck drivers must take their time in maneuvering their vehicles throughout Pennsylvania to avoid roll-overs and other dangerous truck accidents.

Trucks may be overweight

Although there are federal regulations regarding the weight of tractor trailers on roadways, it is possible that they are overfilled on Bucks County roadways. Overweight trucks take even longer to brake and their drivers may have more difficulty avoiding accidents. This is extremely dangerous because other drivers on the road have no idea if a tractor trailer is overfilled until a truck accident occurs in Bucks County.

Your car usually does not stand a chance

The sheer size and weight of most tractor trailers on PA roadways make them very dangerous. If you are involved in a Pennsylvania truck accident, your car is at a supreme disadvantage. It is possible that the truck will sustain little or no damage, while your car may be totaled. And if your car is totaled, there is an even greater chance that you will sustain severe personal injuries.

Trucking companies have experienced insurance companies by their sides

Trucking companies are required to purchase more insurance than the average driver, especially if their trucks carry hazardous material or other dangerous substances. This means the trucking companies and their insureres have agents ready and waiting for truck accidents to occur, and they can arrive at the scene of an accident in moments

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