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If you or a loved one has been injured in a Philadelphia or Bucks County accident, your family doctor may be the best medical practitioner for you to see. In fact, if you went to an emergency room immediately following your accident, the discharge instructions given to you at the hospital probably state that you should follow up with your family doctor in a couple of days. A Bucks County personal injury lawyer says that being evaluated by your family doctor is important, but often overlooked.

In the days immediately following a Pennsylvania car accident, it is easy for you to be caught up in getting a vehicle repaired, getting back to work or getting your life back in order. A critically important part of getting back to restored health after an accident should be to make an appointment with your Philadelphia area family doctor. Proper follow-up medical care on your part may also protect any potential personal injury claim you may have.

Your local family doctor has your personal medical records on file, and if you are a regular patient, he or she will recall your history. Sometimes, an accident injury is not immediately apparent and you may experience pain or other disturbances like headaches or dizziness in the several days afterwards.

By informing your family doctor about your personal injury, he or she can monitor any new symptoms to ensure you are treated for them. Your family doctor is trained to provide routine health screenings and as such, may notice differences in your well-being that could be missed in a crisis care situation where emergency medical personnel are trained to treat the most acute symptoms first.

Similarly, any chronic conditions that you may have could be affected by your personal injury and your family doctor would be best prepared to provide you with modifications to your ongoing care. In addition, if further follow up care is indicated, your family doctor can offer you a referral to an injury accident specialist you may need like a neurologist, a radiologist or orthopedist.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a Philadelphia or Bucks County accident and you need more information, the Pennsylvania personal injury attorneys at Saile & Saile LLP can answer many of your questions about follow up care with your family doctor after an injury accident. Get our FREE PA Car Accident Guide written for local injury accident victims who may need to see a family doctor.