Fatal Auto Accidents in Pennsylvania’s Work Zones in 2010

2010 was a Deadly Year for Pennsylvania Auto Accidents in Work Zones…

Fatal auto accidents in work zones has been a continuing problem for Pennsylvania road crews and PennDot. According to PennDot 22 people were killed by auto accidents in Pennsylvania work zones last year. PennDot reports 1,884 auto accidents in work zones in 2010. This was the highest amount of work zone auto accidents in the past five years and a significant increase from the number of 2009 auto accidents in work zones (1,519).

In the past five years, PennDot also reports that there were at least 8,302 auto accidents in work zones and 114 people died in Pennsylvania work zone related auto accidents.

What is causing this significant increase in PA work zone auto accidents?

We are not quite sure, but there has certainly been an increase in road construction in the past couple years due to the Federal government’s stimulus money. Perhaps the increased road construction is skewing the auto accident figures?

In an effort to reduce the unfortunately high number of auto accident fatalities in Pennsylvania work zones, PennDot has declared this week “Work Zone Awareness Week“.

Certainly reducing driving speed through works zones and eliminating distracted driving accidents could help save countless lives.