Fatal Pennsylvania Drunk Driving Accidents: Are the Bars to Blame?

In any fatal Pennsylvania car wreck, the survivors of the deceased will be faced with the sorrow of losing their loved one. But if their spouse, child or friend died at the hands of a drunk driver, the loss can feel even more painful.

If you have lost a loved one in a fatal Pennsylvania auto accident because of a drunk driver, you may be able to pursue compensation from parties other than the driver. These parties may include the bar or establishment where the driver was served the alcohol, or even private individuals who provided the alcohol for the drunk driver.

Dram shop laws, which are laws that hold bars and businesses legally responsible for serving alcohol to inebriated individuals, exist in both Pennsylvania and New Jersey. If your loved one has been fatally injured in a Pennsylvania or New Jersey drunk driving crash, you may be able to hold the business establishment partially responsible.

In New Jersey, individuals may also be held responsible for serving alcohol to their guests under what is called “social host liability.” Social host liability exists in Pennsylvania as well, but only applies to situations in which minors are served alcohol.

If someone you love has been killed in a Pennsylvania or New Jersey drunk driving accident, contact Cordisco & Saile. Our Pennsylvania fatal accident attorneys are here to answer all of your questions and ensure you receive the compensation you deserve

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