Feasterville, PA Auto Accidents

Feasterville, located in Bucks County, PA, is an area known for shopping centers, restaurants and traffic. Considering its location, this is no surprise. Bordered by Southampton and Northeast Philadelphia, Feasterville is often passed through to get to other Bucks County destinations. Feasterville is also home to a long stretch of Street Road, one of the most-traveled roadways in Bucks County. Philadelphia area personal injury attorney Michael L. Saile Jr. offers insight into the potential for Feasterville auto accidents and personal injuries.


Busy Roadways


Whether your destination is located in Feasterville or you’re heading elsewhere, you can expect traffic. There are also many busy intersections.  Feasterville’s roads are well-traveled daily, both by those living and working there, and also by those visiting or just passing through. With its many shopping centers, restaurants and other businesses, Feasterville attracts many, leading to extra traffic on its already busy roads. These busy roadways not only mean backups and extended travel times, but also car accidents, and often, pedestrian accidents.



Feasterville is in a prime location; while still part of the Philadelphia suburbs in Bucks County, it is close to the Northeast, with convenient routes to the Roosevelt Boulevard, Interstate-95 and the City of Brotherly Love. This convenience comes at a price though, with thousands of residents crowding the roadways—especially Street Road. Again, this traffic can lead to Bucks County auto accidents due to the amount of cars on the road, drivers trying to rush to their destinations, and the potential for road rage.

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