First Assistant District Attorney in Bucks County Running For Judge

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to sit down and have lunch with David Zellis, Esq. Mr. Zellis is currently the First Assistant District Attorney in Bucks County, Pennsylvania.

A First Assistant D.A. is the second in charge law enforcement officer in the county. As a First Assistant, Mr. Zellis handles his own cases, manages the staff, and runs many day-to-day operations of the Bucks County District Attorney’s Office.

In addition to his vast responsibilities at the Bucks County District Attorney’s Office, Mr. Zellis is running for one of the three judge seats for that are now available in the Bucks County Common Pleas Court.

Earlier this year, Mr. Zellis was picked as one of the top three democratic candidates for judge in the primary election. David’s campaign message is that he will be a fair judge to all people. Mr. Zellis does not believe in political favoritism. To prove this, Mr. Zellis is not accepting any campaign funds from lawyers.

We all know that any successful campaign requires funding. So how does a prospective judge get the campaign funds? Who really cares which candidates are appointed as new Bucks County judges? Lawyers and politicians…

Due to his 24-year term as a Bucks County District Attorney, Mr. Zellis was not an active politician. Therefore, he was not endorsed by either of the two major parties. Furthermore, without the campaign funding from local lawyers, he is running on his extensive criminal experience and accomplishments and dedication to public service.

Part of his accomplishments as a District Attorney include the successful prosecution of over 20 homicide cases, heading the county grand jury, and the establishment of the Bucks County Crimes Against Older Adults Task Force.

I found Mr. Zellis an approachable, down to earth, and genuine person who was interested in me and listened to my concerns about the Bucks County justice system.

David currently lives in lower Bucks County where he has raised his four children. If elected judge, Mr. Zellis promises to treat everyone fairly, whether it involves a civil or criminal matter.