Five Tips for Using SEPTA Buses as Your Transportation

The Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA) is a system of

buses, rails, subways and trolleybuses. The SEPTA system currently serves the transportation needs of approximately 3.9 million people. SEPTA buses run in the city of Philadelphia and in the counties of Bucks, Chester, Delaware, and Montgomery. SEPTA also serves portions of Delaware and New Jersey.

Five Tips for Successful SEPTA Bus Travel

By incorporating the following tips into your travel regimen, you increase your chances for a safe and seamless SEPTA bus experience:

  • At the terminal or bus stop – be sure to follow the rules of the terminal or bus stop area while you are preparing to travel. Use designated walkways, do not run or push, and observe non-smoking, soliciting and loitering signs. Allow disabled or elderly travelers the time needed to make their way through the terminal and to the boarding area. If you need assistance finding your way to a boarding area or boarding, notify a staff member in the terminal area and wait for the staff member to assist you.
  • Waiting to board – Arrive early to ensure a seat on the bus. Operators can refuse to allow riders to board if the bus is full. Never run or push when nearing a moving bus and check for traffic before nearing the bus entrance. If the street is wide enough, some drivers will attempt to pass a bus illegally.
  • While traveling: Once onboard you can relax and enjoy your ride. However, make sure you keep all personal belongings nearby and ready to pick up when you are ready to exit the bus. If you are traveling with a child, disabled or elderly person, prepare them for the upcoming stop and be ready to assist them with leaving the bus. Always be vigilant and attentive to your surroundings.
  • In case of emergency – If there is an emergency situation on the SEPTA bus you are riding, it is important to remain calm and listen to any instructions provided by the operator. Do not exit the bus unless the operator instructs you to do so, and only at the location indicated. Be aware of the emergency exits located on the bus and review the safety equipment available. Always try to assist other passengers who are in need if possible.
  • If you are disabled – SEPTA buses are equipped with lifts and ramps to assist disabled riders board and exit the vehicle. Wheelchair restraints are available on each bus, and accommodations are made for service dogs and oxygen tanks or other required medical equipment. Be sure to alert the bus operator of any special needs you have as a rider and exercise caution when entering or exiting the bus. Operators are required to allow time for you to safely find your seat or leave the bus.

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