Forgotten Types of Driving Distractions

By now, almost everyone knows that driving distracted is a serious problem. However, many people only associate distracted driving with texting or talking on the phone. Here are six commonly overlooked types of driving distractions:

1. Taking Your Hands Off the Wheel

A huge distraction that many people overlook is taking your hands off the wheel while driving.

Common reasons people take their hands off the wheel are to open a bottle of water or to put on a pair on sunglasses. The problem is: taking even one hand off the wheel means that you could drift out of your lane or fail to swerve out of the way if something or someone jumps out in front of you.

Whenever possible, do anything that might require more than one hand before you put your car in drive.

2. Using Your Car’s Features

Another commonly overlooked distraction is using your car’s center console features, such as a navigation system or the radio. After all, these features are within arm’s reach and seemingly designed for people to use them while driving.

But changing the radio station or inputting an address will take your eyes off the road for longer than is safe. Furthermore, listening to loud music may take your mind off driving, especially if you are singing along.

3. Eating Behind the Wheel

Another bad habit that many drivers have is eating while driving. With the convenience of drive-thru restaurants and extremely busy lives, it can seem like a great idea to eat while driving.

But this habit is just as dangerous as other distracting behaviors because it can take your eyes off the road and hands off the wheel. Furthermore, spills from hot drinks or messy foods can cause accidents on their own.

4. Driving With Pets

For many people, pets are truly part of the family. This means having them in the car on the way to the park, while running errands around town, and even when visiting long-distance relatives.

But if your pets are unrestrained, they can easily become a deadly distraction. Keep pets out from under your feet, off your lap, and off the dashboard, while the car is in motion.

5. Talking to Passengers

We do this every day, but speaking with another person in the car is a true distraction. Whether you are talking to another adult, a group of rowdy teenagers, or young children, these conversations take your mind off the road and can even take your hands off the wheel.

Try to limit conversation to red lights.

6. Multitasking

The final overlooked distraction is multitasking while driving. This may be simple things like mentally reviewing your to-do list for the day or it more dangerous, manual tasks such as applying makeup, brushing your teeth, or changing clothes. It is better to do these things before getting in the car. After all, it is better to be late than to cause an accident.

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