Group Motorcycle Riding Etiquette, Northeast Philly Bikers

Many Northeast Philly motorcyclists prefer to ride solo, but for others, group motorcycle riding is the most pleasurable. New Northeast Philly bikers will want to learn motorcycle group riding etiquette.


To avoid inconvenience to other motorcyclists, arrive with a full gas tank. At least one rider in your group should have a first-aid box with emergency medical necessities. Also, a cell phone to call for emergency medical help, or mechanical help if necessary. There are more advanced tips for riding a motorcycle in winter.

Keep Groups Small

Avoid motorcycling in large groups of more than 10. Ideally, your riding group should only include up to seven riders. If you have a large group, divide into smaller groups and appoint a leader for each subgroup.

Ride in The Correct Formation

Stagger the bikes across one lane. The leader of the group rides in the left third of the lane and the next rider in the right third of the lane, with a minimum of a two-second gap between the first and the second rider. The rest of the group will also follow the same pattern. The point is to make sure that each motorcyclist has adequate space between his vehicle and the motorcycle in front. However, on curvy roads, a single file formation is safest.

Avoid riding side-by-side at all costs. Such riding makes it difficult to make an emergency maneuver when there is a need to do so. The risk of multivehicle accidents is high in such a formation.

Leave No One Behind

Keep the group together. Check in your rearview mirrors frequently, and if any motorcyclist is falling behind, slow down so he or she can catch up. This ensures that all the bikers in the group maintain a consistent and safe speed without the need to ride at high speeds just to catch up with the other motorcyclists in the group.

If your group includes both novice as well as experienced riders, have the novice motorcyclists ride in the middle of the group so that they do not fall behind.

Use Hand Signals

Make sure that all of the members of your group are familiar with the motorcycle hand signals that you can use to communicate with other members of the group. Avoid talking to each other loudly, or yelling to catch another motorcyclist’s attention. Shouting is highly distracting and can increase the risk of an accident. If there are novice drivers in your group, make sure that they are also familiar with the standard hand signals used in motorcycling.

Biking on your own is unpredictable, and the risks are even greater when you’re riding in groups. Avoid taking passengers when you are traveling in a group. Only take passengers if you are an experienced rider.

Motorcycle Accident Damages

Any motorcycle accident injuries are often serious and require not just emergency medical attention, but also hospitalization and long-term care. If you were injured in an accident in Northeast Philly caused by the negligence of a motorist or another party, you are likely eligible for compensation for damages. Your damages can include lost wages, medical expenses, disability, and other damages.

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