Handling a New Jersey Traffic Violation When You Live Out of Town

With some NJ traffic violations/tickets, the NJ police officer will check a box that states that a court appearance is required. When this box is checked there is usually some special issue or problem with the case that needs to be addressed by the NJ municipal court judge.

If the “court appearance required” box is not checked, you can always pay your NJ traffic violation/ticket by mail or online with the State of New Jersey. By doing this you are pleading guilty to the NJ traffic violation/ticket and you will suffer the penalties involved including, but not limited to: fines, insurance points, DMV points, license suspensions, civil liability, employment problems, possible jail time, and may other repercussions involving NJ traffic violations/tickets. We do not recommend that you plead guilty to any NJ traffic violation/ticket without consulting with a qualified and experienced NJ traffic violation/ticket lawyer.

We at Cordisco & Saile LLC have found that we have been able to get a favorable result for our NJ municipal court clients in almost every matter involving an NJ traffic violation/ticket. Every case is different and a ethical NJ lawyers, we cannot guarantee any result in a court matter.

If you do live far away from the NJ municipal court where you received the NJ traffic violation/ticket, you have another option. You may plead guilty by Affidavit with the NJ municipal Court. You may be able to negotiate your case with the prosecutor over the telephone before court.

In a situation where a defendant lives far from the NJ municipal court, it would be wise for that defendant to hire an NJ traffic violation/ticket lawyer who is familiar with NJ laws and the local court. This will give you your best advantage in getting the best result for you.

At Cordisco & Saile LLC we regularly represent out-of-state defendants in court and negotiate their case for them without their presence in court. We then draft an Affidavit for our NJ Municipal Court traffic violation/ticket client to sign and we send the Affidavit with a check for any fine or court cost to the NJ municipal court.

New NJ court rules state that an NJ defendant may use a Plea by Affidavit if a personal appearance in the court would constitute an undue hardship such as illness, physical incapacity, substantial distance to travel or incarceration. There are a few types of cases where a Plea by Affidavit cannot be used for a NJ traffic violation/ticket.