Have You Ever Been Distracted By Your Children While Driving?

Have you ever turned around while driving to scold your children? Or, have you tried to separate them from fighting? Perhaps you have reached back to pick up a toy or baby’s pacifier. Have you ever taken your attention from the road because your child was choking? These are all common distractions that can occur while driving. What do they all have in common? They all happen when children are in the car.

Distractions by children are the cause of hundreds of Pennsylvania and New Jersey car crashes each year. Your job as a parent is to not let your children cause you to take your eyes off the road. In order to do this, you need to prepare yourself as much as possible. Remember these few tips before embarking on your next trip with your children.

  • Distract your children with toys, games or anything that will hold their attention and keep them from distracting you.
  • Refrain from allowing young children to eat, as they may spill or choke.
  • Separate children who have a tendency to fight.
  • Keep your child in a five point harness. Even if they are large enough to sit in a booster seat, keep them in a seat with a five point harness until they are mature enough to sit still. Some five point harness restraints accommodate children up to 85 pounds.

For more tips about driving with children, see Distract your Children So They Don’t Distract You.

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