Have You Talked to Your Teen About Drugged Driving?

Research shows that drunk driving among teen drivers is at an all time low. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said about drugged driving. 

Why? Some point to the fact that drugged driving does not get the same attention that drunk driving does. Safety campaigns aimed at teen drivers focus primarily on stopping them from getting behind the wheel after drinking. In most cases drugged driving isn’t part of the discussion or is briefly mentioned. 

In addition, marijuana use is common among teens, nearly half of all high school students saying they have tried the drug. A study done by SADD and Liberty Mutual found that driving after smoking marijuana is more common than drinking and driving. And marijuana isn’t the only drug being used by teen drivers. 

Prescription drug abuse is a growing problem among teenagers. Many don’t think that drugs such as marijuana impair their ability to drive, and think nothing of getting behind the wheel while under the influence.  

What Will You Do About It? 

The good news is that as a parent there is something you can do. Studies show that kids whose parents who set forth guidelines and rules for driving—e.g. seat belt usage, drug and alcohol use before driving—are much less likely to engage in the unsafe behaviors. Even though talking to a teen can feel like speaking to a brick wall, they listen more than you think they do, and may very well take your advice to heart. 

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