Headaches Caused by Car Accidents

A headache is a common ailment. It is also an injury you might experience after a Pennsylvania or New Jersey car accident. Your frequent headaches could be indicative of a more serious car accident injury, such as traumatic brain injury (TBI), warns Bucks County personal injury lawyer Michael L. Saile, Jr.  Head injuries can be dangerous and therefore require swift medical attention to know just how severe they are and what you should be doing to treat your condition.  If you are experiencing headaches following a Bucks County car accident, keep a record of their frequency and bring them to the attention of your family doctor, who will refer you to a specialist if necessary, to further explore a possibly more serious accident injury.  


Types of Car Accident Headache Pain

If your post-accident headache is in the back of your head or neck, unlike a common headache of the temple or eye area, you might be wondering what is causing it. It might help to think back to your PA auto accident. Your head and body, like your car, is traveling at a high speed and when you get hit or hit something, you go from that speed to zero in a matter of seconds. If your head was thrown forward as a result of the accident, the muscles, cartilage and discs in your neck and shoulders are also thrown forward and could be misplaced. The sort of headache pain you might be feeling might actually be a pinched nerve or damaged discs in your neck and shoulders as a result of the force of your Philadelphia area accident.

If you see a doctor for the headache pain you are experiencing and it is determined to be due to neck or shoulder injury, he/she might recommend the following types of treatment:

  • Physical therapy;
  • Massage therapy;
  • Acupuncture; or
  • Exercise 

Over-the-counter medications can also help minimize the amount of headache pain you might be feeling. However, this type of injury might require more rigorous treatment, so your doctor might recommend not to rely on an over-the-counter medicine as your primary form of treatment.

Talk to an experienced Bucks County personal injury lawyer if you are having frequent headaches as a result of your NJ or PA car accident.  When you are the victim of another’s negligence, you deserve to be compensated for your accident injuries, lost wages, and, in some cases, pain and suffering.  Contact the Bucks County personal injury Law Firm of Cordisco & Saile LLC, to talk to an experienced PA personal injury attorney and learn more about what is involved in filing a personal injury claim.  We also encourage you to download a FREE copy of our Pennyslvania Car Accident Book, a terrific easy-to-read guide filled with useful information.