Hit-and-Run Bucks County Car Accidents

You have the right to file a claim if you are injured in a Bucks County car accident. However, filing that claim can be more difficult if your injury is the result of a hit-and-run driver.

Common reasons why drivers flee accident scenes

Statistics show that hit-and-run traffic accidents in America are on the rise. The most common reasons why drivers who cause a car accident might flee the accident scene include:

  • They are driving intoxicated or high
  • They have no valid driver’s license or insurance
  • They are wanted by the police

How you can help protect yourself

You can’t always keep a driver from fleeing an accident scene. If police fail to locate the driver who caused your accident, you will be unable to file an accident claim against their insurance company. However, by purchasing uninsured motorist coverage, you will ensure that you have the proper coverage to pay for your damages. You should call your insurance agent immediately to verify that you are properly covered in this event.

How you can discourage hit-and-run accidents

Though you may not be the victim, you can help discourage hit-and-run accidents and help other victims by reporting hit-and-run accidents to local authorities. If you witness an accident, make sure to:

  • Stop at the accident scene
  • Get the license plate of any vehicle which may have been involved in the accident
  • Report this information immediately to police officers

Filing a Bucks County car accident claim

Even if you have uninsured motorist coverage, filing a claim is not always easy. That is why you should speak with an experienced Bucks County car accident attorney. The team at Cordisco & Saile Law Firm is experienced at dealing with insurance companies and can help you get the compensation you deserve.
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