Horsham Woman Killed in Warminster Pedestrian Accident

Jestine Chatman of Horsham, Pennsylvania was hit by a car and killed while crossing Jacksonville Road in Warminster, PA on March 3, 2009.

Sadly, the driver of the car that hit Ms. Chatman, Frank Gallagher, 76, of Warminster, PA, didn’t realize he had collided with a person when he heard or felt a thump against his vehicle while driving home on the evening of March 3.

Mr. Gallagher thought a cinder block had been thrown at his car, since he had a big dent in the front of his vehicle and his windshield was shattered, and kept driving. Upon returning home, Mr. Gallagher saw the Warminster car – pedestrian accident on the late news. Only then did he realize it may have been he who had struck Ms. Chatman. Mr. Gallagher immediately turned himself over to police.

Despite efforts by Warminster and Warrington ambulance services to treat Ms. Chatman, she died at the scene of the car accident, which was Jacksonville Road, just south of Street Road, Warminster, PA, as a result of extensive internal injuries. Ms. Chatman was a single mother of one and an employee of Giant Supermarket in Horsham, PA.

Presently, Mr. Gallagher faces no Bucks County criminal charges but the investigation into this Bucks County, PA hit-and-run fatal car accident by the Bucks County District Attorney’s office is ongoing.