How Did Pennsylvania and New Jersey Cities Rank in the 6th Annual Alls

Earlier this month, Allstate Insurance Company released its 2010 “Allstate America’s Best Drivers Report.” The report, which is issued annually, ranks 200 of America’s largest cities by the frequency with which cars are involved in accidents.

Of The 200 Ranked Cities For Auto Safety, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Ranked 187. 

According to Allstate, Philadelphia had one of the highest rates of car accidents among the studied cities. In fact, Philadelphia drivers are 53.5 times more likely to be in a collision than the average national driver. Philadelphia drivers are in accidents, on average, every 6.5 years.

Several New Jersey cities didn’t rank much better than Philadelphia. Four New Jersey cities were in the bottom 10% of those considered in the Allstate Study. Specifically, Paterson, NJ ranked 178, Elizabeth, NJ ranked 184, Jersey City ranked 186, and Newark, NJ ranked 190.

There were no Pennsylvania or New Jersey cities ranked in the top 10 safest driving cities according to this study.

What These Numbers Mean

These numbers indicate that in some cities of Pennsylvania and New Jersey, car crashes happen with greater frequency than they do in other states and that Pennsylvania and New Jersey drivers should be aware of common reasons for car accidents and drive carefully to avoid injuring themselves or others.

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