How Do You Calculate a Personal Injury Settlement in Pennsylvania?

When determining damages recoverable in an injury settlement, what’s most often considered is the current impact it has on a person’s life. But a PA personal injury attorney in North East Philadelphia will also consider the future impact of the injury when pursuing a personal injury claim; this can include the cost and the physical consequences of the injury.

Calculating a Personal Injury Settlement Based on Present Injuries

It is relatively easy to see the immediate impact of an injury and account for it in a personal injury claim. An injured person can calculate the medical bills that have come in, the cost to repair a vehicle or other property and how long he or she has been out of work.

The emotional trauma experienced by the crash, along with the physical suffering can be accounted for as well. It will be important to take all of this into consideration when determining the value of an injury settlement.

Insurance companies will oftentimes try to get the individual to settle the case as quickly as possible. By doing this, though, it may address only the present injuries and not future ones. This is one of the reasons it may be in the injured person’s best interest to seek legal counsel in PA with a personal injury attorney in North East Philadelphia.

Calculating a Personal Injury Settlement Based on Future Injuries

Although it’s generally difficult to predict how an injury will play out, there may be indications that warrant waiting on the settlement of a personal injury claim. One is when the prognosis is not yet known or healing is expected to take a long time.

For instance, future medical costs should be considered. A person could end up with a substantial financial burden if the claim is settled without addressing them. Of course, this will require proof that additional medical care and treatment will be necessary later on.

This also means that any future lost earnings should be addressed. Let’s say the individual will have to undergo a couple more surgeries and during that time will be unable to work. The income that he or she is without is related to the accident and therefore could be recoverable in an injury settlement.

Dealing with pain on a daily basis oftentimes affects the person’s psychological health, so this may also need to be considered when meeting with a PA personal injury attorney in North East Philadelphia about claim value.

Talking to a PA Personal Injury Attorney in North East Philadelphia about Damages in a Personal Injury Claim

There can be a lot of factors that go into determining the value of an injury settlement. Because it’s not only the present injuries but future ones that can significantly impact a person’s life, it’s critical that everything of relevance is figured into a settlement and evidence or testimony is secured to demonstrate the full effects of the accident and resultant injuries.

At Cordisco & Saile LLC, a PA personal injury attorney can help victims in North East Philadelphia explore the value of a potential personal injury claim and work towards a fair injury settlement with the insurance company or negligent parties.