How to get car repaired after auto accident in PA or NJ

How do I get my car repaired is always a common question after a New Jersey or Pennsylvania auto accident. When someone else damages your car, you may have options as to who will repair your auto. First, you must analyze the insurance coverage for the auto accident. You can easily determine whether you have collision coverage (otherwise known as property damage coverage) on your auto insurance policy by checking the declarations page of your policy.

When a claim is made against an auto insurance company for damage to a vehicle, this claim is known as a property damage claim. The task of repairing or replacing the vehicle is usually conducted by the owner of the car.  Pennsylvania injury attorneys do not typically get involved with the property damage claim, but may if their injury clients need assistance. This is because vehicle values are more easily determined than injury values and sometimes the legal fees exceed the cost of the auto repairs.

You should also determine whether the other driver was insured. In Pennsylvania and New Jersey, the other driver’s insurance company is usually listed on the police accident report. You can then obtain the insurance company’s contact information online.

If you have collision coverage of your own and the other driver was insured, you then have the option to use either auto insurance company to repair your car. If you decide to use your insurance company you may receive faster and friendlier service. 

If you choose to utilize your insurance policy to repair your vehicle, your insurance company will seek payment from the other driver’s insurance company. Before your insurance company recovers payment from the other driver’s insurance company, you will have to pay the deductable associated with your property damage insurance coverage.

On the other hand, the other driver who caused the NJ or PA auto accident has a duty under the law to make you whole. In some circumstances, your auto insurance company may also be the other driver’s insurance company and therefore the choice of auto insurance companies does not matter.

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