I-95 Construction Zone Car Accident | Philadelphia Road Construction

Interstate 95, which runs through the heart of Philadelphia, is undergoing a major renovation project called “95 Revive.”

Launched by the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT), 95 Revive includes updates to with the ultimate goal to improve traffic flow and eliminate congestion on several:

  • interchanges;
  • roadways;
  • bridges; and
  • ramps.

Unfortunately, on-the-road construction and lane closures may cause delays and undue hazards for local motorists. To prevent this, drivers are encouraged to watch alert signs, be aware of scheduled construction and plan their routes accordingly. Drivers who act negligently in these zones may be responsible for any resulting injuries or damages victims suffer in a car accident.

Work Zone Hazards

While on-the-road construction projects like 95 Revive are intended to improve local roads and driving conditions once completed, during the construction process, they can pose an added hazard to area motorists.

Construction zone dangers may include:

  • drivers who fail to heed adjusted speed limits;
  • loose and uneven road surfaces;
  • sudden stops and turns;
  • workers, large trucks and construction equipment near or on the road; and
  • impatient or reckless driving.

Safe Driving in Construction Zones

Drivers are not the only ones at risk of accidents in these zones, construction workers may be at greater danger when motorists do not follow the rules of the road or drive negligently. Overall, 21 people were killed in work zone crashes in Pennsylvania in 2011, including one worker according to PennDOT. About 48 percent of work zone crashes involved injuries (46.9 percent) or fatalities (1.1 percent).

To prevent these and other accidents, PennDOT has offered several tips for driving safely in these hazardous areas:

  • be patient, and never exceed the posted speed limit;
  • pay close attention to alerts, signs and signals;
  • avoid any distractions while driving through these zones;
  • use headlights or flashers when necessary;
  • always wear a seat belt; and
  • follow other cars at a safe distance, and be careful not to tailgate.

Drivers can also stay safe by ensuring they’re up to date on current and upcoming work and construction zone projects. PennDOT operates the 95 Revive website to allow motorists to stay up to date on current news and changes regarding the 95 Revive project, as well as view traffic cameras, locate ride sharing options and learn about any travel advisories. Motorists can also choose to get email updates by joining the website’s mailing list.

Work Zone Accident Liability

These accidents can be very complicated when it comes to determining liability, as they are not always the fault of the driver behind the wheel. Of course, drivers who ignore road signs or who drive negligently by speeding, failing to yield or tailgating other vehicles may be liable for any resulting accidents.

But another driver may not be at fault for a work zone accident in some cases, such as when the construction company creates and/or fails to mark hazards and if construction equipment is the cause or contributing factor for the accident.

When a work zone accident has occurred, an attorney can investigate by reviewing the construction zone’s hazards, consulting expert witnesses and gathering evidence. To learn more about work zone accidents or to file a claim for an accident that occurred on I-95, Philadelphia motorists can contact an attorney at Cordisco & Saile 215-642-2335.