I was hurt by another passenger on the bus. Who is liable?

If another passenger has harmed you while you were riding a bus in Pennsylvania, you probably have questions about who’s liable: the person or the bus company/entity. Bus accidents involve multiple parties and you cannot choose one at random to hold liable. Read through this blog to review what party is responsible for which part of bus etiquette.

A Bus Company’s Duty to Its Passengers

The first important thing to note is that public buses have a duty to provide their passengers with the highest standard of care possible. “Highest standard of care” means that bus companies must do everything within their power to prevent unreasonable harm from befalling riders.

Stopping harm includes hiring drivers who are certified and trained. What’s more, it also means that bus companies are often held directly liable for the misconduct of their employees.

Keeping that in mind, then, a bus company may be held responsible for the harm you suffered at the hands of another passenger on the bus.

The bus company may be liable if one of these situations presents itself.

  • The bus driver did not act to prevent the injury
  • The bus driver was aware of the damage happening but did not take action to stop it
  • Bus driver otherwise performed a negligent action that contributed to the harm’s occurrence

When the Assailant is Liable

While a bus driver may be potentially held liable for injuries caused to you by another passenger, the assailant is almost always entirely to blame. It is even easier to prove the rider is to blame if the harm was intentional, i.e. occurred in the form of assault.

Sometimes, harm may be unintentional. For example, going over a speed bump may cause another passenger’s elbow to rise, making contact with a body part or your face. Under Pennsylvania’s Jerk and Jolt Laws, though, a claimant may only recover damages—from the bus company—for an injury caused by this type of accident if the movement of the vehicle is unusual and extraordinary.

If multiple passengers were injured, then your claim will have more clout. Additionally, the person who caused you harm may not be held liable if the injury was accidental.

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