If You’re Injured at Work, Do These Five Things

Cordisco & Saile Work Injury

Getting hurt or becoming ill on the job means you may be eligible for worker’s compensation. But you have to act quickly to protect your right to receive benefits. Here are five key things to remember:

#1: Report the injury to your employer immediately

Make sure your supervisor or HR department knows about your injury. It’s best to file within the first 21 days so you can start being compensated as soon as possible. If you don’t give notification within 120 days, your benefits will be forfeited.

#2: See a doctor

Get the medical care you need, promptly.  Your employer may have a list of approved doctors. If so, you have to be seen by one of them for at least the first 90 days. (Your company is required to post this list where employees can easily access it.)

#3: Continue necessary medical care

Keep visiting your doctor, taking your medications, and doing any physical therapy or exercises prescribed. If the insurance company can show that you aren’t following your treatment plan, it will refuse to pay.

#4: Collect evidence

It’s critical to document your injury. Collect contact information for eyewitnesses, photos of where the injury occurred, your medical records, and evaluations from health care providers.

#5: Get a good lawyer on your side

Worker’s compensation cases can be complicated. It’s worthwhile to discuss your case with an attorney. Most offer free initial consultations to help you learn about your legal options.

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