Injury Risks Retail Workers’ Compensation

While the retail industry may appear to be a safe job choice, studies show that workplace injuries amongst retail workers are disproportionately high. Here’s an overview of injury risks that retail workers face, as well as retail workers eligibility for workers’ compensation insurance.

Lifting Heavy Loads

One type of injury risk that retail workers face is back strains and pain as a result of lifting heavy loads. These back pulls are especially true when lifting loads of more than 50 pounds.

Overexertion and cumulative trauma usually cause these injuries.

  • Muscle pulls
  • Wrist injuries
  • Elbow injuries
  • Spinal injuries
  • Back sprains
  • Shoulder injuries

There are some specific exercises you can do after work to relieve the back pain that comes with standing on hard floors all day.

Repetitive Motion Injuries

Retail workers may also suffer from repetitive motion injuries.

  • Overuse of hands (stocking goods, working the cash register, etc.)
  • Lifting boxes or goods
  • As a result of poor posture/awkward positioning when performing certain tasks

Slips, Trips, and Falls

Slips, trips, and falls are another common cause of injuries in retail workplaces.

  • Clutter/debris in walkways
  • Wet or slippery surfaces
  • Poor lighting

A slip and trip accident may cause a wide array of injuries, ranging from broken bones and ankle sprains to head and face injuries.

Stepladder Falls

Many retail industry jobs require the stocking of high shelves. As such, retail workers will use stepladders. While stepladders are safe when maintained and used correctly, they also pose a risk of injury. If a stepladder collapses, or if a worker missteps and falls from the stepladder, severe injuries can result.


Retail workers are more at risk of facing violence in the workplace than are workers in many other industries.

  • Internal violence: between two associates
  • External: between a retail associate and a customer
  • Retail establishments getting robbed, putting workers at risk of physical and psychological harassment

Workers’ Compensation for Retail Workers

The majority of employees in Pennsylvania are covered under workers’ compensation insurance, including retail workers. Benefits available to an injured retail worker may include these.

  • Lost wage benefits
  • Medical benefits
  • Death benefits (rare)

Hire a Workers’ Compensation Attorney

Injuries amongst retail workers aren’t often publicized. Pennsylvania retail employees shouldn’t hesitate to consult with a workers’ compensation attorney to discuss rights or benefits. At Cordisco & Saile LLC, our attorney is ready to work on your case today. You can schedule a free case consultation by calling 215-642-2335