Joint Dislocations from Auto Accidents

When thinking of auto accident injuries, dislocations may not come to mind.  Bucks County personal injury lawyer Michael L. Saile, Jr. reveals that a joint dislocation, the misplacement or misalignment of a joint, is actually quite common in Philadelphia area auto accidents. The sudden impact associated with car accidents is known to cause several types of injuries, including dislocations. Though this sort of injury might not be deemed “life threatening”, it sure can be painful and may require specialized treatment, sometimes long-term, in order to heal. 

The following are the types of dislocations most commonly caused by auto accidents:


  • Hip Dislocations: Any sudden impact to the hip bone can cause a dislocation, though the leading cause of hip dislocations in the United States is auto accidents. When the thigh bone dislocates from the hip socket in the event of a hip dislocation, it can cause pain as well as indicate a long recovery period.
  • Knee Dislocations: Though rare, knee dislocations are often caused by direct trauma, such as an auto accident. If you’ve suffered a knee dislocation, your knee will most likely be swollen and painful for several weeks until the tissue has healed.
  • Shoulder Dislocations: Once again, trauma is often the cause of shoulder dislocations. Perhaps the least serious of dislocations, shoulder pain and swelling is usually reduced within a few weeks of the accident and resulting joint dislocation.
  • Elbow Dislocations: Elbow dislocations caused by Philadelphia area auto accidents can range in severity, from a simple dislocation, with no major bone injury, to a severe dislocation, with severe damage to bones and ligaments.


Seek Medical Care

If you believe you have suffered any kind of joint dislocation of the body in a New Jersey or Pennsylvania car accident, do not attempt to treat it on your own. Joint dislocations can be serious injuries, and require medical expertise. Visit your local hospital’s Emergency Room or your family doctor as soon as possible if you feel any sort of pain or discomfort following an accident. It is important to receive a proper diagnosis and undergo the corresponding treatment in order for your body to recover from the accident injuries


Hurt Because of Another’s Negligence?


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