Langhorne | Newtown Pennsylvania Pain and Suffering

The term ‘pain and suffering’ is often discussed when talking about personal injury cases, but what does it really mean from a legal standpoint? Is it possible for the victims of serious car accidents and other personal injuries to recover damages for their pain and suffering? Or does ‘pain and suffering’ have no real value? How do you prove pain and suffering?

At Cordisco & Saile LLC, we understand that while pain and suffering may be difficult to value in terms of real dollars, it is something that our clients have to deal with on an everyday basis. An experienced attorney can help determine what your injuries may be worth to the court or a jury and what kind of compensation you may be able to expect in your suit for pain and suffering.

We work with psychological and medical experts to help determine the extent and cause of your injuries and what long term effects they may have on you and your ability to function normally. Our firm knows what trial juries are likely to award in a suit for pain and suffering based on certain aspects of your case, including the specific county and state where your case must be filed. We will be honest and upfront with you about your chances for success and for compensation.

Personal Injury Calculators

Any internet search of ‘personal injury calculator’ or ‘claim calculator’ is sure to bring up hundreds of results that advertise help for figuring out what your personal injuries may be worth based upon a few different factors. Unfortunately, these calculators can be wildly inaccurate in describing the actual compensation that you may be able to recover in your specific case.

Instead of relying upon these internet programs, you should get real answers from lawyers who know personal injury in your area and have practiced it for countless numbers of clients. In suits for pain and suffering, our firm has recovered hundreds of thousands of dollars for our clients with personal injuries.

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