Liability if Injured at a Bus Stop

hen lighting is poor, walkways are ill maintained, there’s no security, and drivers act negligently, a bus stop can be a dangerous location to wait. Following an injury that occurs at a bus stop in Pennsylvania, getting to the bottom of who’s liable is an essential factor in recovering damages.

Types of Bus Stop Accidents and Injuries

A bus stop accident and injury can occur to anyone. Some of the most common types of accidents can include these.

  • Slipping and falling
  • Assault/mugging
  • Hit by an oncoming vehicle
  • Hit by a bus

These accidents can result in the following injury types listed.

  • Head injuries and traumatic brain injuries
  • Broken bones
  • Back, neck, and spine injuries
  • Internal injuries (internal bleeding)
  • External wounds (bruises and cuts)
  • Psychological problems

Who’s liable for my injury?

Liability will depend entirely on your accident type, and factors leading up to the crash. For example, if you were attacked/assaulted/mugged while waiting for the bus, liability may be two-part: your assailant may be held liable for obvious reasons, but the entity in charge of managing the bus stop may also be made accountable for failure to provide reasonable and adequate security.

If you experienced a slip and fall accident leading to injury, the entity (either private or public) responsible for managing the bus station might also be at fault. Placing blame on the owners of the bus stop would be applicable if the cause of the slip and fall accident was a hazard that should have been corrected, such as a broken step or uneven walking surface.

If a vehicle hit you while you were waiting for the bus, then the driver of that vehicle may be held liable assuming that you were not doing anything negligent (like jumping out in front of the car or crossing illegally) at the time of impact.

What should I do now?

If you’re not sure who’s liable for your injuries, but you’ve incurred medical expenses, lost wages or other types of damages and need compensation, you need a legal advocate. A professional in the law can work with you to gather evidence and discover the at-fault party.

Then, your attorney can help you to file a claim, build a case, and guide you through what damages you can collect after a bus accident. A personal injury claim must be filed in two years in Pennsylvania, so don’t wait any longer to pick up the phone.

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