Massage Therapy & Auto Accidents

A common type of injury resulting from a New Jersey or Pennsylvania auto accident is a muscle injury, explains Bucks County personal injury lawyer Michael L. Saile, Jr. Usually referred to as strains or sprains, these auto accident injuries will likely heal on their own with time and rest. There is no cure for a muscle injury sustained in a Philadelphia area auto accident, but massage therapy can shorten the healing time.


Muscles can become Injured even in Minor Accidents


Even if you are wearing a seat belt when involved in an accident, your body can be pushed and pulled quickly and in ways that are different from what your muscles are used to. This results in stretched, pulled, or even torn muscles, commonly leaving you in pain in any or all of the following areas:


  • neck
  • back
  • shoulders
  • hips
  • groin



What is it about Massage Therapy that makes it so Beneficial?


Massage therapy is often recommended for muscle injuries, including whiplash, not only because it is known to relieve muscle and joint pain, but also because it promotes circulation of new blood to the injury site. The benefit of increased circulation is the injured area being flushed the healing nutrients contained in new blood. The massage process also reduces swelling. Additionally, massage is shown to relax tense, injured muscles, which helps to relieve your overall pain and, sometimes, some of the anxiety that goes along with having sustained an auto accident injury. Massage therapy is all natural. It does not require medication and is non-invasive, as compared to other treatment options, like epidural injections or surgery. Massage therapy is also an all-over remedy; it can be used for an injured muscle anywhere in your body.


If used in the wrong way, though, there is a chance that massage could make your accident injury worse, so do not devise a treatment plan of your own. Rather, it is extremely important that you see your family doctor soon after your accident to get an evaluation of your injuries. Once you are in the midst of a prescribed treatment program, consult your treating physician or specialist before making any changes to your program. If you wish to explore massage therapy, talk it over with your doctor so that he or she can refer you to a professional and certified masseuse who has experience in treating auto accident injuries.


 Legal Assistance for your Accident Claim


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