Massage Therapy for Accident Injury | Bucks County Lawyer

After a Pennsylvania or New Jersey car accident, you are likely looking for ways to ease the pain you are experiencing due to your injury. Bucks County personal injury lawyer Michael L. Saile, Jr. tells us that massage therapy can aid in your recovery by helping to restore balance to your nervous system. The relaxation techniques used in massage therapy can help reverse the shock and trauma that a car accident can cause to your nervous system.


 Medication for the Muscles (non-chemical)

X-rays can miss injuries to soft tissue, such as muscle. While you and your doctor may not see the injury, you can feel it. Muscle injuries are common after a PA car accident and the treatment may be simpler than you think. Massage therapy promotes blood circulation, which can reduce swelling and help to flush toxins from the injured area and promote the flow of fresh blood, which is richer in the nutrients your body needs for faster healing.

If your body is exposed to the trauma of a Bucks County accident, your muscles could tense up to protect themselves from injury. The muscles also contract to hold together your joints and other body parts that could potentially be injured in the accident. For some time after the accident, those muscles might remain contracted and cause you to feel tension in those muscles. Massage therapy aims to loosen the muscles and keep them loose. Massage therapy can also improve your range of motion and help prevent scar tissue from forming.

Massage therapy can be the perfect solution for you if you are feeling the pain of a Philadelphia area car accident injury, but don’t want to be on pain medication. Holistic treatments, like massage therapy, are gaining in popularity and acceptance by both medical professionals and some insurance companies.


Methods of Massage Therapy

There are many massage therapy techniques, and the one that will be recommended for you depends on what your injury is. A Swedish massage is the most common and is a full body massage with no focus on a specific part of your body. The massage can be on the lighter side unless otherwise specified. A therapeutic massage (deep tissue) is a variation of many massages where the massage therapist works on the specific areas of your body that are injured and focuses on the muscles that surround and support the injured muscles.  One of the goals of deep tissue massages is to relief your pain and help you return to your normal daily activities.   

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