Massage Therapy to Relieve Accident Pain

There are several options for pain relief in the aftermath of a Bucks County auto accident, offers Bucks County personal injury lawyer Michael L. Saile, Jr. Depending on the extent and location of your injuries, you doctor may recommend a variety of pain relief methods, including pain medication, chiropractic therapy, epidural steroid injections, or physical therapy. If you are experiencing all-over muscle and joint pain directly resulting from a Philadelphia auto accident, massage therapy may be right for you.

There are local, certified massage therapists who have designed programs especially for victims of Philadelphia auto accidents. If your doctor recommends massage therapy for your auto accident injuries, your costs may even be covered by insurance. It is essential that you choose massage therapy only after being evaluated and initially treated by a physician.

How Massage Therapy Works

There are several pain-reducing benefits attributed to massage therapy. The first is that it may speed up the healing of tissue as well as the injury itself. Massage promotes the circulation of blood, and when concentrated in the area of injuries, can reduce swelling as well as “flush” the area by bringing in fresh blood with more nutrients, which aid in the healing process.

Massage therapy may provide immediate pain relief, but it is not magic. Your injury will not be healed after the first session, which means you will most likely benefit from several massage therapy treatments. If you are suffering the pain of a Bucks County auto accident injury but want to avoid taking any drastic measures, such as surgery or prolonged use of prescription medication, ask your doctor if massage therapy could be right for you.

The Potential to Avoid Taking Medication

Another benefit of choosing massage therapy for auto accident pain relief is that it is a natural remedy. There are no medications to take, although your doctor may prescribe a pain reliever along with massage, and it is a non-invasive option. When considering other more invasive options which may be recommended, like an epidura injectionl or even surgery, massage therapy may be much less risky and more beneficial in the long run.

Questions About Accident Injury Treatment?

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