Medical Doctors for Auto Accidents

Auto accidents in the Philadelphia area are common, which means there is a high demand for medical doctors that specialize in treating auto accident injuries, confirms Michael L. Saile, Jr., a Bucks County personal injury lawyer.  With auto accidents, there are specific personal injuries that happen often and require specific treatment and care. 


A Specialist is Important to Your Physical Recovery

and to Your Case


A specialist is a professional medical doctor who specializes in a specific part or system of the body. There are some medical doctors who specialize in feet and some who specialize in the endocrine system. In the case of PA and NJ auto accidents, an experienced specialist may be essential for your full recovery. Before choosing a specialist for your accident injury, you should first get a referral from your family doctor.  Then, do your research to ensure that the specialist has experience in treating injuries that are often sustained in Bucks County auto accidents. 

Your specialist’s experience becomes even more important if you decide to file an injury claim against the insurance company. The medical doctor you’ve chosen for your accident injury should understand the way injury claims work and should be well-versed in all of the paperwork which is necessary to produce during the injury claim process and or litigation process. Your doctor’s input is essential to your injury case and it could be a big deciding factor on how much you receive in your settlement.


Where are you Hurt?


Common injuries resulting from auto accidents in the Philadelphia area include:

  • muscular injuries;
  • skeletal injuries;
  • spinal injuries; and
  • brain injuries.


The specialized medical doctors who treat these injuries are orthopedists, chiropractors, and neurologists, respectively (orthopedists treat both muscular and skeletal injuries).  Other specialtists, such as a pain managment doctor, physiatrist, surgeon, or neuropsychologist may also be called upon by your family doctor or treating specialist during your rehabilitation to provide their expertise and aid in your full diagnosis and treatment.

It is sometimes a long road to regaining your health, mobility, and emotional stability after an accident.  Follow the treatment regimen your doctor has prescribed and always communicate to him or her changes in your condition (e.g. pain worsening as well as pain decreasing), reactions to medications, and the perceived effectiveness of certain therapies.  


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