Medical Treatments Available to Accident Victims: Providers & Testing

Accidents that lead to personal injuries are very common all over Bucks County, including car & truck accidents, slip and fall accidents, motorcycle accidents, and drunk driving accidents. The personal injuries you sustain in these accidents can be overwhelming, painful, or even slow to manifest. The most important thing you can do following a Philadelphia area accident is to seek medical treatment as soon as possible. But which medical provider should you see first, and which medical testing should be done?


Medical Providers

Depending on the type and severity of your personal injuries, you could end up seeing several different medical providers. If you are severely injured at the scene, or even if you sustained only bumps and bruises, you should go to the hospital. At the hospital, you can be treated by a doctor and diagnosed. If you choose not to go to the hospital immediately following the accident, you should make an appointment with your family doctor so that you can be properly diagnosed and treated. Even if you do go to the hospital, you should see your family doctor in the next few days, because he or she knows your medical history and can recommend the right treatment for you. Your family doctor can also refer you to a specialist more suited to your injuries. Some specialists you may visit are orthopedists, neurologists, radiologists, physical therapists, chiropractors, acupuncturists, surgeons, or psychologists.


Medical Testing

When you have an appointment with any medical providers following your accident, it is likely that they will perform tests to observe the extent and severity of your personal injury. Some of these tests include x-rays, MRIs, Electromyogram and Nerve Conduction Studies (EMG/NCS), CAT Scans, and neuropsychological tests.


Why should you seek medical treatment?

First and foremost, medical treatment is important for your health. You may not realize the extent of your personal injuries at the scene, but they may be serious. Medical treatment is necessary to ensure that your personal injuries heal as quickly and as correctly as possible. Medical treatment is also important if you are considering filing a personal injury case. Documentation of your injury from a medical professional, especially one who knows your medical history and your state of health prior to the Philadelphia area accident, is an integral part of your personal injury claim.

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