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Trucker fatigue is a key ingredient in many serious Philadelphia, Bucks County and Mercer County truck accidents. Fatigued truck drivers may cause various types of trucking accidents, resulting in the injury or death of others on the road.

Like all professionals, truckers operate under a strict set of regulations. Truck drivers are not allowed to drive more than 14 hours consecutively without at least 10 hours off-duty, and are not allowed to drive more than 60 hours in a 7-day period without at least a 34-hour off-duty period.

However, due to financial incentives and overly ambitious schedules, many truck drivers are forced to ignore these regulations. By getting behind the wheel of their trucks when fatigued, truck drivers are being negligent. They risk their own safety, as well as the safety of other drivers on the road.

Fatigued truck drivers are dangerous truck drivers. They are more likely to get in one-vehicle accidents, cause multi-car wrecks when merging into other lanes, react slowly to oncoming dangers, or set off a chain of events that leads to a pileup on our highways.

Fatigued truck drivers cause accidents that lead to injuries. People involved in semi accidents may suffer dislocations, broken bones, burns, and disfigurement. Victims of trucking accidents may also suffer serious shoulder injuries, back injuries, neck injuries, and brain injuries.

Because of the weight of tractor-trailers compared to the average car, accidents involving trucks are especially dangerous. Tractor-trailers have a much higher fatal crash rate than other vehicles, accounting for over 10% of all deadly accidents on the road.

The sad thing about many truck accidents is that they could have been avoided. When a fatigued trucker commits the negligent act of getting behind the wheel when they are overly tired, it is usually someone else who suffers the consequences.

If you or someone you know has been involved in a truck accident, it is important that you call a Philadelphia truck accident attorney immediately. The trucking insurance companies will use every trick up their sleeve to show that they were not responsible for the crash, and it is crucial that you have someone to fight on your side.

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