Motorcycle Accidents | Defective Auto Parts | Manufacturer Liability Southampton

Motorcycle accidents and their resultant injuries are often the result of driving error or reckless driving behaviors. But serious accidents can also be caused by faulty safety equipment. When that is the case, victims may choose to pursue an injury claim against the manufacturer responsible for the defective auto parts.

Types of Faulty Motorcycle Safety Equipment

Equipment problems could in repair costs, inconvenience and hassle. But some malfunctions can actually be a safety hazard to the operator and/or passenger of the motorcycle and others who share the road.

Some examples of defective auto parts on a motorcycle that could increase the risk of a crash include:

  • tires;
  • wheels;
  • handlebars;
  • fuel tank;
  • accelerator controls;
  • wiring; and
  • brakes.


Depending on the type of equipment, the motorcyclist might be unable to maintain control of the bike if the equipment is faulty. The bike could become unstable or the operator may have trouble stopping it. Whether it directly causes an accident or is a contributing factor, if someone ends up seriously or fatally injured, the manufacturer or other parties could be held liable.

Liability for Defective Auto Parts on a Motorcycle

Sometimes recalls are issued on defective parts, in which case consumers and dealerships are supposed to be notified. If there is a failure to issue a recall on a known defect, the manufacturer may be held responsible if it results in a motorcycle accident that causes injuries.

Even if a defect with parts or the bike itself isn’t immediately known, once it’s detected, if someone has been hurt a claim could still be filed against the manufacturer. Negligence isn’t a factor in these types of case, since a manufacturer doesn’t necessarily have to act in a careless or reckless fashion to be held accountable. They are legally liable for their products.

Another party that could be liable is a dealership who is made aware of a recall, yet fails to correct the issue and continues to sell the bike. If someone purchases a motorcycle with faulty safety equipment and it turns out to be the cause of an accident, the dealership from which it was purchased could be named as a liable party in an injury claim.

Sometimes equipment malfunctions stem from other sources, such as a distributor or wholesaler. These are other parties in the chain of distribution that might be liable as well. In fact, cases involving defective products oftentimes involve more than one party.

Proving a Motorcycle Accident Was Caused by Faulty Safety Equipment

One of the best ways to establish that faulty equipment was the problem is by preserving physical evidence, in this case, the bike itself. It’s important not to repair or alter anything on the motorcycle so that it can be examined by an expert.

Another way to prove defective equipment contributed to or caused an accident is when a recall has been issued. That information in itself will be extremely helpful in building a case.

For help pursuing a claim when a motorcycle crash was caused by faulty safety equipment, contact an attorney. At Cordisco & Saile LLC, our attorneys are knowledgeable about motorcycle accident claims and can explore manufacturer liability as well as legal options to recover compensation for damages.