Motorcycle Safety Course Southampton, PA

Whether you are a beginner motorcyclist in Southampton, PA or an experienced one, you can benefit from taking a motorcycle safety training course. A beginner motorcyclist safety training course will take you through the basics, and help you avoid accidents. An experienced motorcyclist can benefit from a program that helps shed light on accident risk and can help one ride responsibly.

In Pennsylvania, the Department of Transportation administers the Pennsylvania Motorcycle Safety Program (PA MSP). The PA MSP is currently free of charge and is available to all Class M motorcycle license holders in Pennsylvania.

There are three categories of training programs that are available depending on the motorcyclist’s level of knowledge.

New Riders

For beginner riders in Trenton, the New Riders program provides initial instruction in basic motorcycling and prepares the rider for the physical and mental demands of riding a motorbike.

The focus is on building a strong foundation to meet the demands of riding in traffic. Additionally, there are certain motorcycle mistakes that new riders tend to make, such as speeding because of peer pressure and missing road hazards like potholes.

Returning Riders

The Returning Rider program focuses on those motorcyclists who may not possess an M class license but in any event have not ridden a motorcycle for a long time. Typically, these motorcyclists are older and drive a heavy model of bike that is likely a new purchase. When getting back to riding after an absence or purchasing a new (to you) model of bike, running through a reminder motorcycle safety program will bring you up to speed with current laws and handling procedures.

Returning riders are also at high risk of suffering motorcycle accidents. Typically, motorcyclists above about the age of 40 who return to motorcycling after a long time may not realize that their skill level has deteriorated as they went unused. Traffic conditions have likely become worse with population increase. 

Therefore, the Returning Rider program focuses on the following. 

  • Dealing with anxiety riding in congestion
  • Turning a heavy bike
  • Any new laws​

Experienced Riders

If you are an experienced motorcyclist, you can benefit from the Experienced Rider program that helps you enhance your skills. Even experienced motorcyclists have certain weaknesses that they would like to strengthen. 

For instance, some motorcyclists may not like riding on weekdays because the traffic makes them nervous. In such cases, the program works for building confidence and learning how to manage and control risk.

To look for a Pennsylvania rider training program in Southampton, PA log on to the Pennsylvania Motorcycle Safety Program website and click on the Location tab. If you were injured in a motorcycle accident, call 215-642-2335 and discuss filing a claim for compensation with motorcycle accident attorneys Cordisco & Saile.