Motorcycle Safety Tips Roar on the Shore Pennsylvania

An annual occurrence first started in 2007, Roar on the Shore has emerged from a small fundraising event to a massive bike rally that is free to enter. A fun time for bikers with live music, bike contests, custom motorcycles and more—including a three-day ride along the shores of Lake Eerie—Roar on the Shore is an event not to be missed.

With the influx of motorcyclists though, safety during this outing is of the utmost importance. Here are some motorcycle safety tips for participating in Roar on the Shore.

Exercise Self-Awareness

With thousands of bikers flocking to Roar on the Shore in Pennsylvania, exercising self-awareness is key to safety. When things get packed—whether while riding into the event or taking the tour around the lake—it’s important to pay attention to what you’re doing.

Be predictable in your movements, give other motorcyclists plenty of room to navigate, and don’t speed or make any risky lane changes. If you aren’t an experienced group rider, brush up on your group motorcycle riding etiquette prior to attending.

Wear Your Helmet

If you plan to attend Roar on the Shore, be safe about it by wearing your Snell-certified or DOT-approved helmet. Not only is wearing your helmet a crucial aspect to keeping yourself safe, but some of the Roar on the Shore rides—such as the A Beer for the Deer Legend Ride—require the use of a helmet to participate. If you show up without a helmet, not only are you endangering your head, but you may also be barred from joining the event.

Ride Sober

Like most events, there will be alcohol served at Roar on the Shore. While having a drink or two can undoubtedly be fun and enjoyable, make sure you refrain from riding after imbibing. Impaired riding increases your risk of having an accident, and isn’t worth the physical or legal ramifications.

The same goes for the use of any other substances that cause impairment. This type of event includes a police presence. Instead of trying to wake yourself up and receiving a driving under the influence ticket, make use of the over 20 local hotels, motels, and campgrounds available to our riders.

Learn More About Motorcycle Safety

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