Motorist Hits House Then Flees, Leaving Fiancée and Children Behind

The night of Sunday, December 26th was quite eventful for Lori and Carlos Arias when a vehicle crashed into their family room. To add to the bizarreness of the night, the driver then fled, leaving his fiancée and two children behind on the Arias’ couch.

As Lori Arias was shutting down her computer at nearly midnight, she heard a loud crash. Thinking that a shelf had fallen in the kitchen pantry, she and her husband Carlos got up and started heading that way. But as they entered the family room, they discovered that a vehicle had crashed through their wall. 

The driver of the white Toyota, Daniel Damon, 36, of Camden, got out of the car and removed his newborn baby, who was in an infant carrier, from the vehicle and placed him on the Arias’ couch. His fiancée, Camille Walker, 28, of Woodbury and their 13-month-old child exited the vehicle and sat on the couch as well.

When Carlos Arias stated that he was going to call the police to report the Deptford car crash, Damon become startled and fled the scene. Walker was apparently shocked, asking why he had left her and the children there.

Damon was arrested shortly after the accident in the 1100 block of Cooper Street, not far from the township police station. He faces multiple charges, including reckless driving, having an open container of alcohol in a vehicle, and leaving an accident scene.

When Walker was questioned by the authorities, she stated that someone else was driving the vehicle. She was arrested on obstruction of the administration of the law.

Both of the young children are with a relative.

Carlos and Lori Arias, along with their four children, were forced to seek temporary shelter due to the extent of damages to their home.

Thankfully, no one sustained serious injuries in this bizarre New Jersey car crash.