MRI – Powerful Tool in Getting your Accident Injuries Diagnosed

We are generally all familiar the idea of professional athletes undergoing an MRI after suffering an injury to determine the degree of damage and the amount of time they will spend “off the field”.  Well, those who have been subject to the impact of a car accident should also, in many circumstances, undergo an MRI to understand the full extent of their physical injury and the source of pain.  Bristol, PA personal injury lawyer Michael L. Saile, Jr. stresses the importantance of going to your family doctor or to a hospital ER to be checked out and inquiring about having an MRI scan performed to help diagnose your pain.    


What is an MRI?

MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) is a diagnostic tool that creates images of the internal structures of the body using a magnetic field and radio waves. The MRI scanner contains magnets to detect an electric signal and then a computer uses this signal to make an image of the organs and tissue in your body. With an MRI, doctors can see inside of body structures and detect things that cannot be seen by other means, or felt by hand.

One major benefit of MRIs is that they do not expose you to radiation, unlike x-rays. In the United States, MRIs and CT scans were rated Number 1 as the most important development in medical science in the previous century.


Why would an MRI be ordered?

MRIs can be performed on many parts of the body, which include by are not limited to:

  • The brain – to check for tumors, an aneurysm, or bleeding;
  • The spine – to check for disc damage and/or nerve damage;
  • The abdomen and its associated organs, such as the pancreas, bladder, kindney, and liver;
  • The knee – to determine damage to the bones, cartilage, and tendons and ligaments;
  • Bones and joints – to detect breaks that x-rays may miss;
  • The chest/heart – to look at the heart and lungs.


Give Your Accident Injuries the Attention They Deserve

Any of the above-noted organs/body parts can be damaged due to the impact of a PA or NJ car accident, which is why we advise clients to at least ask their doctor about an MRI, especially when experiencing a lot of pain and discomfort.  Doctors will not order an MRI for what appear to be non-serious injuries as they are very expensive tests. So, even if your doctor wants to take a wait and see approach with your pain – which is common – keep a daily journal of how you are feeling, where you experience pain, and what type of pain you experience, and when.  If your injuries do not seem to be healing or your condition improving, it may be time for an MRI.

Immediately after an accident, you often do not know what kind of damage has been done to your body. On the outside, if they are no cuts and bruises, many people walk away and do not even think they are hurt on the inside of their body. The truth is, you want to have your injuries properly diagnosed as soon as possible, and an MRI is a most effective tool. Without a solid diagnosis, it is very difficult to move toward a settlement in your case.

Dont’ wait any longer to speak to a Bucks County car accident lawyer if you are dealing with serious auto accident injuries. You do not want to make the type of mistake that leaves an insurance company able to take advantage of you. Order or instantly download a copy of our PA Car Accident Book today. You can reach the personal injury lawyers of Cordisco & Saile LLC by calling 215-642-2335 if you’d like to talk with someone about your case.