Naked Driver Strikes Pedestrian in Philadelphia Car Crash

A bizarre Center City car crash occurred on February 9, when a woman hit a pedestrian with her vehicle.

What’s the bizarre part of the story?

The driver wasn’t wearing any clothes.

At approximately 3 p.m. on Wednesday afternoon, a woman driving a black Toyota Corolla attempted to make a U-turn at 17th and JFK Boulevard. As she was making the turn in the busy street, she struck a pedestrian.

Officers nearby saw the accident and approached the scene. When they came up to the vehicle, they were surprised by something they weren’t expecting – a naked driver.

The driver resisted officers who were eventually forced to pull her from the vehicle and cover her with what appeared to be a sheet.

The condition of the pedestrian is not known at this time.

When driving, always remember to only make legal U-turns and look for other vehicles, bicycles and pedestrians before turning. And, also, please remember to dress before your drive.