New Bill Proposes Speeding Cameras in Highway Work Zones

The Pennsylvania General Assembly is considering legislation that would put speed cameras in highway work zones. Proposal 840, proposed by Sen. David Argall (R-Schuylkill/Berks) and Judy Schwank (D-Berks) at a Pa. House and Senate Transportation Committees meeting in early July, is designed to protect the safety of roadway workers. The bill involves implementing a five-year pilot program that places cameras in active work zones to cite motorists for speeding and hopefully decrease car accidents.

The Need for Increased Safety for Roadway Workers

Those who oppose the bill are concerned that the cameras will only function to earn the government money and do little to protect workers. Proponents disagree; they believe because speeding is one of the leading contributing factors to work zone accidents, the speeding citations would greatly encourage drivers to obey traffic laws and drive with more care in what is essentially the roadside workers’ workplace. Injuries on the side of the road are alarmingly high.

At the meeting, Argall provided some statistics that illustrate the need for the legislation to protect workers. He mentioned that in 2014, 24 people died in work-zone crashes. Also, the chief executive officer of the Turnpike Commission Mark Compton said that since 1940, over 30 Pennsylvania Turnpike employees have died while performing their job duties on the road since 1940, many of which happened in work zones.

“These men and women dedicate their time and effort towards improving Pennsylvania infrastructure each and every day so that motorists can arrive at and from their destinations safely and efficiently. And it’s our responsibility to protect them,” Argall said.

Features of the Speed Cameras Proposal

The cameras, which will only be active when the work zone is active, will be installed to supplement – not replace – state troopers’ presence on highways. Key target areas would include problem areas such as the Route 422 construction zones in Lower and West Pottsgrove and Lower Providence.

If the camera catches drivers speeding, they will receive $100 citations in the mail, but will receive no points on their license. All revenue garnered from the citation will be used would be used exclusively to fund safety measures for fund work zones. Also, if and when the bill is approved, motorists would receive warning that the cameras were in place.

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