New Jersey and Pennsylvania Have Some of the Nation’s Most Unsafe Roads recently published a study ranking all 50 states based on how friendly their roads are to motorists. Utah ranked No. 1 based on the eight metrics used, followed closely by Minnesota. California ranked last. Both New Jersey and Pennsylvania had a poor showing, with an overall ranking in the 20 worst states for poor roads.

How poor are the roads in New Jersey and Pennsylvania?

New Jersey ranked No. 7 regarding poor or mediocre roads statewide. According to the survey, 68 percent of New Jersey’s roads need improvement. Pennsylvania, meanwhile, ranks No. 16, with 57 percent of the roads in rough shape.

The worst roads in the country are in Connecticut and Illinois, who tied with 73 percent of roads that need work. Wisconsin followed with 71 percent. Indiana has the best roads in the nation, with only 17 percent in poor or mediocre shape. Georgia was close behind, with only 19 percent in need of work. used statistics from the U.S. Department of Transportation to compile the information about each state’s roads to determine their overall ranking.

How did Pennsylvania and New Jersey rank overall? based their overall rankings on eight factors:

  • Cost of insurance
  • Number of uninsured drivers
  • Number of traffic deaths
  • Percent of roads in poor or mediocre condition
  • Percent of bridges that are structurally deficient
  • Cost of car repairs due to poor road conditions
  • Average cost of gas
  • Delay in commute due to traffic and congestion

 As a tiebreaker, the study considered the number of federally designated byways in the state.

Neither PA nor NJ fared well in the overall rankings. New Jersey ended up No. 41 overall for best states for drivers, while Pennsylvania landed in No. 43. This means that less than ten states were worse for motorists nationwide.

Why do these rankings matter to motorists in these states?

Many of the factors considered in the report can contribute to car accidents. Faulty road designs, potholes, erosion, and other issues cause property damage and injury accidents every day.

Liability is often hard to prove in these accidents, and there is a short statute of limitations in many cases. This means it is paramount to act quickly and talk to a knowledgeable attorney as soon as possible about your accident.

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