New Jersey Car Crash Data Reveals Terrible Trend

If you drive in New Jersey, you may have noticed how many people use their cell phones while driving. Though it’s illegal to use a handheld electronic device while behind the wheel, many still do.

Data from New Jersey’s transportation department show that the number of cell phone related accidents in the state hasn’t significantly decreased from 2006-2011. In fact, rates have remained basically unchanged for five years.

Hands-free? Handheld? Same Difference

According to crash data gathered by the NJ DOT, handheld and hands-free phones are contributing factors in nearly the same number of car accidents in New Jersey. In 2011, handheld cell phones were noted as a crash factor in 1,840 accidents; hands-free, 1,404. In the same year, 807 people were injured during accidents with a driver using a handheld cell; 517 when using hands-free technology. Why is this?

Studies have shown that no matter the type of phone you use, the distraction of being deeply engaged in conversation keeps your mind busy—too busy to pay attention to driving. While it’s true that activities such as texting and writing emails are more distracting than talking on the phone, the only way to be sure you are paying attention to the road is to resist the temptation to use your phone at all. Period.

Before You Talk to the Insurance Company

Have you been hit by a distracted driver in Mercer County, NJ? You are not alone. In 2011, there were over 125 cell phone related auto accidents in Mercer County. One life was lost and 63 people were injured.

You do not have to accept a too low settlement after your Mercer County car crash. Call 800.860.5801 to schedule a free consultation with a Trenton, NJ personal injury attorney with the experience and resources to fight for your rights, who can get you the compensation you need.