New SEPTA Buses Behind Schedule – Puts Safety on the Line

According to, many aging, mechanically-flawed SEPTA buses still remain in circulation on transit routes because of production delays on the new fleet of 275 electric-diesel buses ordered by SEPTA.

The public transit’s current fleet includes some buses that are up to 18 years in age and plagued by maintenance issues. Unfortunately, older buses and those with maintenance problems may be at greater risk of an accident. If in a SEPTA bus accident, you have legal options.

Details of the SEPTA Bus Order Delay

SEPTA initiated the process of updating the fleet by 100 new buses per year in order to reduce the age of all buses to within six years old. However, manufacturing delays caused by a shortage of workers at Nova Bus, Inc. along with production errors that caused delivery delays.

  • defective electrical systems.
  • incorrect installation of seats.
  • and, bus panels of the wrong color.

SEPTA only recently received the very first bus of its $202.6 million, 275 bus order in July. Another 70 buses are scheduled to be delivered by December 2014. These buses are 60 feet long and feature an accordion-style body section that allows for tighter and safer turning on city streets.

An additional 90 buses are anticipated in January 2015. This section of the fleet will be 40 feet long, and then another delivery of 60-foot buses will be slated for May 2015. The final installation of the order is expected in August 2015 according to media reports. SEPTA expects these additional orders to remain on schedule. Nova Bus is subject to a $100 per bus, per day penalty for any delays.

In the meantime, SEPTA continues to manage all routes with an aging fleet of buses that it must maintain to avoid mechanical failure or breakdown.

What does this mean for me?

While SEPTA and Nova Bus work to correct production issues and update the aging public transit fleet, passengers of the SEPTA bus transportation service should be aware of the condition of the buses on which they might be traveling.

In addition, drivers on Philadelphia roads should be aware that there may be aging buses of substandard conditions sharing the roads. Mechanical failures can leave passengers stranded in unsafe situations or can cause accidents.

Also, know your rights if you’ve suffered damages because of a mechanical failure that led to a SEPTA bus accident. Driver errors can also leave SEPTA liable for any damages that result from an accident.

If you’ve been injured or sustained property damage in an accident involving a SEPTA bus, speak to an attorney. A lawyer will know what documentation you need and will be able to collect evidence, witness statements and hire experts as needed to support your claim.

While SEPTA may be working to remedy the aging bus situation, if there has been any negligence on its part for injuries or property damage related to the current buses, SEPTA will be liable for any resultant damages.

Your attorney will manage your case and file suit if necessary to help you receive proper compensation for much of your needs.

  • medical bills.
  • lost wages.
  • reduced earning capacity.
  • pain and suffering.
  • and, or other effects of the accident.

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