NJ Car Accident Plaintiff Appeals Case to Supreme Court and Wins

Months ago we reported to you the NJ Appellate Division decision in the case of Reilly v. AAA Mid-Atlantic. This was the case which involved a one car NJ car accident where the driver reportedly slipped off the road due to icy conditions. The case was basically about the NJ car insurance company claiming that it was automatically the driver’s fault in a one car NJ car accident. This prompted the NJ car insurance company to issue the driver 5 eligibility points relating to the driver’s NJ car insurance.

After losing in the NJ Appellate Division, the Plaintiff (who represented himself) took his case to the NJ Supreme Court and won! The NJ Supreme Court held the NJ Department of Insurance regulation regarding the one car NJ car accident situation was unreasonable and against public policy.

Here, a single person, not even a lawyer, beat a powerful insurance company in the NJ Supreme Court. Congratulations!