Nursing Home Bedsores: More Dangerous Than You’d Think


Nursing home neglect leading to bed sores is a common and dangerous issue.

Nursing home residents, especially if they are bed-bound or use a wheelchair, unfortunately can develop bedsores. But did you know that bedsores can be fatal?

With bedsores, if the sore causes a break in the skin the person becomes much more vulnerable to deadly infections such as staph and MRSA. You should also know that these painful wounds are often preventable. Caregivers can provide at-risk patients with frequent re-positioning, special mattresses and cushions, skin care routines, and a proper diet. Federal law mandates that nursing home workers try to prevent bedsores, but alarmingly, many caregivers fail to check patients regularly.

If you think your loved one is developing bedsores, talk to his or her doctor and also ask the facility’s manager about its bedsore prevention policy. A nursing home that doesn’t provide adequate care may be liable for neglect and the resulting damages. You may need to report your suspicions to the appropriate state agency.

Neglectful nursing home care can lead to other illnesses and injuries besides bedsores:

Falls: When immobile patients need to use the bathroom and no one comes to help, they may try to get out bed themselves and suffer serious injury.

Prescription drug errors: Nursing home residents need many medications, and staff may fail to keep proper track. An overdose, or the wrong medication, can cause death.

Poor diet: Residents who aren’t getting adequate nutrition are more prone to infections and other medical problems.

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