Orthopedists and Injury Recovery

Different auto accident injuries require different doctors and specialists. Orthopedists are perhaps the most-visited doctors by recent victims of auto accidents in the Bucks County area. Many of the most common auto accident injuries are best treated by experienced orthopedists. If you have been injured in an auto accident, it may be wise to ask your family doctor for a referral to an orthopedist with experience in treating accident injuries. The most common accident injuries treated by orthopedists are:

• Broken Bones and Fractured Bones: Bones are very commonly fractured when faced with the trauma of an auto accident in the Philadelphia area. A fracture can be minor, severe, or anywhere in between, and most will heal and return to normal with orthopedic treatment. In treating a break or fracture, the broken pieces should be pieced back together in the correct position by an orthopedist. You should then prevent the bones from moving out of place, and will often be aided by a sling or plaster cast.

• Sprains and Strains: Sprains occur when a ligament is stretched or even torn. A strain occurs when a muscle is stretched beyond normal movement. In a Bucks County auto accident, your body may be pushed and pulled in different directions, resulting in several sprains and strains. Very mild injuries can be treated at home, but it is important to be evaluated by an orthopedist if you are in pain, especially if your injury is the result of an auto accident. Severe strains and sprains may require surgery, rehabilitation, or prolonged immobilization.

• Dislocations: The most common cause of hip dislocations is auto accidents. Other common dislocations are elbow dislocations and shoulder dislocations. They may result in severe pain and inability to move the effected limb, even after the bone is placed back into its joint. An orthopedist will most likely perform a reduction, which is piecing the dislocated joints back together. An anesthetic is usually administered prior to this treatment.

It may be necessary to visit an orthopedist several times in order to receive complete treatment. It is important to save all medical bills and doctor recommendations for your records and especially if you are considering filing an injury claim.

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