PA Bicycle Lighting Rules Help Keep Riders Safe

If you ever ride your bicycle at night or in inclement weather, you know it’s important to make sure vehicles steer clear of you. The best way to avoid being hit is by following the rules of the road and abiding by specific bicycle laws, including lighting requirements. Bucks County personal injury lawyer Michael. L. Saile, Jr., who has experience representing those involved in PA bicycle accidents, explains PA bicycle light requirements and their importance.


Laws & Requirements

In Pennsylvania, bicycle lighting laws are straightforward, but they are easy to forget. If there is any chance that you will be riding at night in Bucks County or the Philadelphia area, it is important to stay up to date on these laws. In Pennsylvania, bicycles are required to have an active front white light and a rear reflector. The rear reflector should be visible from 500 feet. An active rear red light is recommended, but not mandatory. These laws and requirements are intended to prevent Bucks County bicycle accidents, which are more likely at night or in inclement weather.



There are several different options for abiding by the active front white light requirement in Pennsylvania. The three options are small battery lights, generator systems, and high-powered battery lights:

  • Small battery lights – intended to make sure vehicles and other bike riders can see you in the dark, but are not powerful enough to light your path.
  • Generator system – powered by the energy you create while riding your bike, and is powerful to be used as a headlight to guide you. A disadvantage to this option is that when you stop pedaling, the light goes out; this means it isn’t the best choice for stop-and-go or inner-city riding.
  • High-powered battery lights – heavy-duty, all-condition lights that are bright, but also heavier and more expensive to maintain.


Safety Should Not be Compromised

Bike lights can range from $10 all the way up to $75; make sure to do research to find the best lighting option for your needs.  In addition, be certain that the light you choose allows you to both see in front of you and to be seen from the side and behind by moving vehicles.  Don’t overlook pedestrians; your bike lights should be bright enough to allow you to see those on foot and allow them to see you.  

Whether you use your bike daily as your main transportation or just once in a while for recreation, it is very important to follow PA lighting requirements to ensure your own safety. This is especially true during fall and winter when it gets darker earlier in the evening and there is greater chance of sleet and snow, resulting in dangerous conditions for drivers and bike riders.

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