PA DUI Defendants May Still Be Able to Drive to Work

Yes, there is a section in the Pennsylvania Motor Vehicle Code that may let you have this type of license. It is called an Occupational Limited License. It is part of the new PA drunk driving law known as “Driving After Imbibing.”

This Occupational Limited License may only be used between a driver’s home and work or between a driver’s home and place of study, if the driver is a student. A driver may also use the license for work or school, if the job or school duties require him or her to drive.

There are many provisions to this law and many exceptions—too many to go into detail in this blog entry. Basically, if you think that you qualify for the Occupational Limited License you have to fill out a PennDot application for the license and the send it to PennDot by certified mail. If you are indeed eligible, and PennDot accepts your application, then PennDot is required by law to issue this special license within 20 days.

Please find the PA Occupational Limited License Law here: Occupational Limited Liscense Law.pdf

Please find the PennDot Occupational Limited License Application here: Occupational Limited Liscense Application.pdf

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