Painful Auto Accident Headaches

Whether you’ve been in a fender-bender, a rear-end collision, or a five-car-pileup, you may have sustained a head injury or other upper body injury that results in headaches.  Experienced Bucks County personal injury lawyer Michael L. Saile, Jr. reports that headaches are one of the most common symptoms of auto accident injuries. Oftentimes, painful headaches can be treated with over the counter medications, but on some occasions, headaches may be a sign of a more serious auto accident injury.

If you are in any pain after a Bucks County accident, it is recommended that you visit your family doctor in the next few days. This is important because some injuries do not surface for several days. Just because you are not in extreme pain, does not mean you are not injured. It is important to be evaluated closely by a medical professional to make sure your aches and pains are not a sign of something more serious. The following are different categories of headaches, all of which can result from a Philadelphia area auto accident injury.

Mild: Mild headaches may result in conjunction with other auto accident injuries, such as whiplash or other neck and back injuries, or they may result from direct trauma to the head. Symptoms include headaches, insomnia, memory problems, and fatigue. These headaches will most likely go away on their own as the injury itself heals.

Migraine: An auto accident injury can lead you to develop migraines, which are more severe and longer lasting than mild headaches. There’s no telling whether these post-accident migraines will be temporary or permanent. Your doctor may prescribe medication for the most severe migraines.

Chronic or Severe: Head trauma may result in chronic headaches that may just be an annoyance or something more serious. It is important to be evaluated by your doctor not only just after the accident, but if your headaches persist for more than a few weeks. Persistent headaches could be a sign of traumatic brain injury (TBI). Symptoms of a traumatic brain injury include amnesia, slurred speech, numbness in limbs, and paralysis.

A head or neck injury can occur in Bucks County accidents even at low speeds; it only takes a speed of about 9 mph. This is why you should be evaluated by your doctor as soon after the accident as possible.

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