Pedestrian Accident Statistics in Pennsylvania

When it comes to accidents and injuries, those involving a pedestrian are among the most tragic. Yet the prevalence of pedestrian accidents in Pennsylvania is high, and innocent people continue to be hurt. The following provides a look into pedestrian accident statistics for the state of Pennsylvania in 2013.

Number of Recorded Pedestrian Fatalities and Injuries

In 2013, there were 151 pedestrian deaths and an overwhelming 4,413 pedestrian injuries. While fatalities were down from 2012, the number is a large increase from 2009, 2010, and 2011, where pedestrian deaths numbered 136, 148, and 149 respectively (for 2013, the number was 168).

While the number of pedestrian deaths increased, pedestrian injuries slightly decreased in 2013. Of the total number of motor vehicle accidents recorded in Pennsylvania for 2013, 12.3 percent resulted in a pedestrian death.

Alcohol-involved Pedestrian Accidents

In Pennsylvania in 2013, 49 pedestrian deaths involved alcohol. Thirty-two of them, or 65.3 percent, were accidents where the pedestrian was, or had been, drinking at the time of accident. Seventeen of the pedestrian deaths involving alcohol, or 34.7 percent, were accidents where the driver of the vehicle involved was intoxicated.

Crash-related Pedestrian Actions

The vast majority of pedestrians involved in 2013 pedestrian-related accidents were entering a crossing zone at the time of accident. These pedestrians account for 35.7 percent of pedestrian accidents that year. The second most common actions occurring at the time of accident were a pedestrian walking, jogging, running, or playing which accounted for 30.6 percent of pedestrian accidents. Finally, roughly four percent of pedestrians were just standing at the time of accident. “All others,” as stated by the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, account for 29.1 percent of accidents.

If You’ve Been in a Pedestrian Accident

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